Welcome to “Unschooling Bornholm”!

Lovely that you are here! This is a space for information and inspiration for everyone who is interested in self-directed learning on Bornholm, this picturesque island in Denmark. Feel free to reach out if you need more information and support – I would be delighted to help you. Warm welcome!


  1. Monier Vivien


    I contact you because we looking a place to get a good life with barn. We are french and maked unschooling. But now we have moved i Sweden . And we can’t and that missed a lot. How can get more info to rent house on island and find jobb.

    Have good day.
    Catherine and Vivien

    1. Post

      Dear Catherine and Vivien!

      Thanks a lot for reaching out to me! I would very much like to talk to you, and I believe that I can help you to help you with questions regarding housing, work and other things you’d like to know. If you like you can participate in a group call in the beginning of February, or you can book a private session at a earlier (or later) time. You find more information here: https://unschoolingbornholm.dk/about/more-information-support/

      With warm regards,

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