Amazing peaceful parenting- and unschooling workshop on Bornholm in March 2020

What an exciting start of 2020: Swedish born Rebecka Koritz, unschooling mum, teacher, founder of several schools and an Agile Learning Center and activist for self-directed learning and children’s rights will travel all the way from her home country Mexico to Bornholm in order to offer her highly appreciated workshop “My Child and Me”.

Whether you are planning to unschool your children in the future, are unschooling already, your kids are under school age, or you would love to learn more about child-directed learning, empathetic communication and respectful parenting, then this “unschooling workshop” is for you.

This is not only amazing for the local parents on Bornholm, but also a great opportunity for families from the rest of Denmark and Europe to recharge their batteries in this peaceful place, to spend enriching days with like-minded people, to receive plenty of support, exchange and inspiration – and, if you are considering to move here, to get in touch with Bornholm’s vibrant unschooling community and to get a feel for the island.

Meet Rebecka here and learn more about the workshop below:

💗 Do you believe in children´s natural capacity to learn?

Children have an innate drive to grow, develop and learn. In “My Child and Me”, you get the insights and perspectives to support your child’s free development.

”I really loved Rebecka’s presence AND message, and feel so inspired by her workshop My Child and Me I attended this summer at Ängsbacka. If you have a chance to take her workshops, I highly recommend it!”

For more information about the workshop:

Ticket sales are open now, so don’t hesitate and purchase yours here.

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