Listen to Unschooling Bornholm as part of the online-summit “Bildungswunder – Eine Revolution der Kindheit”!

(“Wonders of education – A revolution of childhood”)

Unschooling Bornholm, Bildungwunder 2020

It couldn’t have been launched with a better timing, now that schools in most countries over entire Europe are closed and families are forced into “isolation-schooling”. And while isolation-schooling is not at all the same as homeschooling or unschooling, many families, teachers and others are confronted with new situations, which is always also a great chance to discover, learn, re-evaluate and re-create. For all of this, this online-summit is an excellent inspiration. Listen to a great number of fantastic speakers – teachers, school founders, unschoolers, parents, film makers and many others are part of “Bildungswunder – Eine Revolution der Kindheit”. Rebecca had the great honour to be interviewed, too, and will talk about unschooling on Bornholm. Her interview (in German) will be available for free on the 5th of April. Sign up straight away (by clicking here) and join another about 10000 people following this exciting summit. It’s free and totally awesome!! ♥️

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