“Unschooling Bornholm” on Danish podcast “En hverdag uden skole”

Tina Fuglsbjerg is a Danish woman and mum who created the podcast “En hverdag uden skole” (“An everyday life without school”) where she explores what unschooling is and how it works in everyday life. In her unique podcast – the only Danish one about unschooling – she talks to various key persons within the Danish unschooling world, such as Morten Holmstrup, who, amongst others, has 10 years of experience in unschooling his children in Denmark, is the author of unschooling.dk and offers courses for parents, free schools and “tilsynsførende” about “tilsyn” – the yearly visits by the municipality, which I can warmly recommend. Tina has also interviewed Vanilla Sommer who is a very experienced and supportive unschooling mum living in Denmark, Anne Liberté who is a Danish business mentor for creating sustainable, meaningful businesses, and Anna Brix Thomsen who is a great source of support, art, words, knowledge and experience around unschooling and deschooling. “En hverdag uden skole” is an wonderful collection of knowledge and inspiration all around unschooling, in Danish.

For her last episode, Tina interviewed Rebecca about unschooling on Bornholm. The interview is in Danish/Swedish-Danish 😉 and you can listen to it here.

Thank you for your dedication and fantastic work, dear Tina! ♥️ 

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