DreamBuilder Vision Workshop for self-directed learners with Tau Rebecca Mikkelsen

This online workshop will teach you how to get the courage and power and give you the tools to make your dreams, passions and longings come true. So you can live the life YOU LOVE.

A lot of us parents who are unschooling or want to start unschooling get to a point where we realize that unschooling is just as much about ourselves than about our children. We might realize that our lifestyle, our job, our everyday life does not really match the values and ideas that we believe in. What we really want is to inspire and support our children by living in resonance with our values, believes and dreams ourselves.

Unschooling and deschooling is so much about learning to trust ourselves, to let go of limiting believes and habits that don’t serve our highest good, to dare to see different paths and new possibilities, to think way out of the box, to learn to ask for and accept help, to listen to ourselves, to believe in ourselves. All of this you will meet again when you become a DreamBuilder – when you start discovering your dreams about health, abundance, relationships or vocation, and when you realize your own possibility to bring these to life.

Tau Rebecca Mikkelsen is a certified DreamBuilder coach from Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute. She is a mother of five children. Plus, she is the founder of “Red Hesteliv” (Saving Horse Lives), a wonderful horse rescue project where she treats the horses with so much empathy, trust and love – it very much reminds me of peaceful parenting. I myself have had the great pleasure to work with Tau and her program which has been truly eye opening and life changing, and I am therefore more than excited and SO grateful that she is now offering a free DreamBuilder vision workshop especially for unschoolers. You can read more about the workshop and about Tau here (and in Danish on her website and in this recent article) and watch a little video here.

“This workshop will teach you how to get the courage and the power and give you the tools to make your dreams, passions and longings come true. So you can live the life YOU LOVE. Your dreams may be about career, relations, money, love, health, time, money…”

This vision workshop was planned to be part of “ASK – a gathering for self-directed learners” on the Danish island Bornholm, where Tau is living herself. However, since the festival is now cancelled, this workshop will be held as a webinar and thereby be open for all individuals who are passionate about self-directed learning, which I am so very excited about and grateful for. AND it is completely free for us. Thank you, dear Tau! <3

The workshop will be held via the program Zoom and be offered twice:
* in Danish: Saturday 16th of May 2020 at 10.30 (CET/Copenhagen time)
* in English: Sunday 17th of May at 15.00 (CET/Copenhagen time)

Please sign up by sending an e-mail to tau@heartcoachingcenter.dk and download the app Zoom (it’s free). Tau will then send you the Zoom link and other necessary information. The spaces are limited, so please make sure that you cancel at least 24hrs prior to the workshop if you know you won’t be able to participate.

Warm welcome! ♥️ 

PS: For some more inspiration and a little insight in what dreambuilding is about and what is in YOU, listen to amazing Mary Morrissey here.

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