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Stay-at-home life with kids is SO beautiful!

And it can be SO overwhelming and challenging in our Western society where “standard life” includes sending off kids to institutions. So what do we do when we want to create a life based on our values and the needs of our family members, at the same time we want to keep our sanity and have room and resources for ourselves so we can be the parents we want to be? 

Realising the possibility to host volunteers opened so many doors for me. Within just a few days I am now able to get support for us; a helping hand to take care of the dishes that are piling up every single day, someone who easily and happily draws a spidercow for the kids upon request, who builds a marble track out of toiletpaper rolls, who knows video games or who has the energy for the 20th or 30th round with the skipping rope. And not only that; our volunteers usually feel deeply inspired and grateful for everything they get to learn and observe. Often, we get into deep and nourishing conversations, become good friends and stay in touch – even though they maybe have stayed with us several years ago. A true win-win solution! 

When I am sharing this with other parents, they often are surprised. Neither had they ever heard or thought of this, nor do they know how this could or would work. Where would we find those volunteers, how can we make sure that it’s a match, what if it is not a match, isn’t it scary to have a stranger in our house AND let them see the mess and our imperfection? These and so many more questions usually arise, so we decided to pack all of this into a workshop. 

I feel deeply grateful that Luciana (Lula), one of our former volunteers – who now is one of my dearest friends – will join us. Lula is a young, radiant and greatly inspiring woman. She is originally from Argentina and has been travelling and volunteering all around the world and will share with us her experiences, learnings and tips from the perspective of the volunteer. I myself will share from the perspective of the host (we have been hosting dozens of volunteers from all around the world) and also from volunteering as a family. 

If you, too, are curious about learning more about hosting volunteers in your home or/and about travelling as volunteer(s), even as a family, I warmly invite you to our workshop! ♥️

This workshop will be hosted through my new project “It takes a village”, and I warmly invite you to visit the website.

Volunteer unschooling support at home and travelling as volunteers

UMOJA workshop about volunteering: “Re-villaging your life”

Date and time: Tuesday the 20th of July at 16.30 CET.

For more information and registration, please visit

Warm welcome! ♥️

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