More about the woman behind this site

Ever since the path of life brought me via my doula training, violence in relationships, mamahood and attachment parenting to respectful/peaceful/need-based parenting, family centered living and unschooling, I have been passionate about life-learning and self-directed learning as well as related topics such as children’s rights and creating your tribe. The journey of our family brought us to the beautiful island Bornholm in Denmark, where we found both freedom, inspiration, peace and community, and I am deeply grateful for this huge gift from life. Today, I dedicate a big part of my life to help like-minded families – and individuals – on their journey; in particular those who are thinking about moving to Bornholm.

And while I am filled with joy and excitement about the “birth” of this site, I also feel the deepest gratitude for all the truly amazing people who surround, hold, accompany, support and encourage me. Thank you SO much for sharing laughter, tears, hugs, stories, worries, idea seeds, fears, great projects, joy, meals, work, child care, growth, harvest, confusion, tons of messages, parenting questions, doubts, successes, challenges, celebrations, many cups of tea and all your incredible awesomeness! YOU ALL ROCK!!!

In particular I would like to thank my very dear friend Susanne for (on top of all the above) sharing endless amounts of breath taking pictures, and giving me the permission to use them here. You are a star!!!