I am delighted to here from you by e-mail to I am reading all e-mails but don’t promise any superquick replies since I often choose to prioritize to be in the here and now with my kids in my busy mum’s life <3

If you have questions or are looking for further support, you are welcome to read more here.

Unschooling Denmark, Unschooling Bornholm

“It was so nice to speak to Rebecca from Unschooling Bornholm. We really got a lot of extra energy to get things going after our call. We called in an early stadium of our plans to move to Bornholm. We wanted to know from someone with firsthand experience how they experience living on Bornholm to know if it’s something we’d like as well. We really got a good picture and we think it fits so well with our family and our outlook on life. If someone is doubting if Bornholm is what they want I can really recommend having a call with Rebecca. Also to help them answer those questions that you can’t find an answer to online.”

Leenheer family from the Netherlands